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A better Phoenix for ALL Phoenicians

Phoenix collects $4 Billion per year in taxes and fees. From that, the City spends $500 Million on debt, while spending just $83 Million on our streets. The City Council borrows money for massive projects while neglecting neighborhoods and core city services like clean reliable water, public parks, traffic and infrastructure, libraries, and public safety. We need to stop spending our children’s future on pretty political projects downtown. We can balance the checkbook without raising taxes or cutting core city services.

In the last 6 years the City Council gave $1.6 Billion in tax breaks to big developers, which diverted $200 Million from our public schools. As parents of 3 children in Phoenix public schools, my wife Valerie and I are outraged! My opponents were eager to put on red shirts and march to the Capital, but their votes to divert education funding to big developer profits showed their true colors. Every time the City gives out one of these deals, you pay the price. Either in higher taxes or reduced city services.

As your Mayor, I will put a stop to these back room deals for big developers paid for with your money.

Everyday Phoenicians don’t have lobbyists or attorneys representing them at City Hall. But often times it’s your political connections or who you donated to that gets you through the process. The rules and regulations must be applied equally and fairly across the board, regardless of who you know.

The City Council is supposed to be nonpartisan, but lately it has been locked in a bitter shouting match between partisan politicians, that are more interested in party rhetoric and blaming the other side than actually getting things done. There isn’t a partisan way to fill a pothole and since I don’t wear the jersey of either team, I can be an honest broker. I will work with anyone ready to focus on real solutions to the problems facing Phoenix.

As your Mayor, I will work to stop lobbyists and developers from running City Hall and refocus the City Council on improving core city services that Phoenicians, like you and me, rely on every day.

I want to make a better Phoenix not just for my family, but your family, too.

Sarwark for Phoenix

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