Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Nicholas Sarwark stands with local dispensaries who want to be treated like the legitimate and lawful businesses they are.


Dispensary Owners and Managers,                                                                      June 1st, 2018

No Phoenix businesses are treated by the City Council with as much contempt and hostility as lawful medical marijuana dispensaries. You live every day under the threats from a spiteful county prosecutor, egregious zoning and operation restrictions, and taxes that would cripple any other industry. This must change.

Whether or not the Phoenix Board of Adjustments acted inappropriately in handling dispensary variance requests, the appearance of such corruption speaks volumes about how the city treats this lawful industry.

If elected mayor, I will:

  • Advocate for a repeal of the employee “head tax”
  • Work to lift the hours of operation restrictions
  • Secure nonprofit funding for patients who can’t afford their ‘medical card’
  • Work to ease the zoning/variance restrictions on locations
  • Advocate for full legalization of adult recreational usage
  • Fast track permits for established Phoenix dispensaries for recreational when legal
  • Work with industry leaders to create a safe banking/deposit system
  • Include cannabis business leaders in Phoenix economic development discussions

As your mayor, I will be your advocate and champion. I will fight to stop the city council from forcing your businesses into the dark corners of the city. The city must recognize and appreciate the needed services you provide to the people of Phoenix as lawful and legitimate businesses.

Yours truly,


Nicholas Sarwark
For Mayor of Phoenix


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