Nicholas Sarwark is the only 100% pro-cannabis candidate for Mayor of Phoenix.

Other candidates may claim to be pro-cannabis, but their inactions tell the truth.
As city councilors where were they when dispensaries need their help?
Where were they when record numbers of our fellow citizens were being locked up in the county jail on possession charges?
Where are they now in the fight to legalize adult recreational usage?

Our communities are being torn apart by a system that locks cannabis users in cages with convicted rapists, murderers, and thieves.

As long as people fear being arrested for a joint in their pocket, they will fear any interaction with our police officers. By reprioritizing our law enforcement goals to focus on violent crimes, and not simple possession charges, we will decrease response times for critical emergency calls and ease the tension between our communities and the police. This is what they did in Denver before full legalization and it worked. Relations with the community and the police improved drastically. Crime victims and witnesses were more comfortable engaging with the police.

We could have that in Phoenix, too.

If elected mayor, I will:

  • Advocate for full legalization of adult recreational usage
  • Make enforcing marijuana prohibition the LOWEST police priority
  • Secure nonprofit funding for patients who can’t afford their ‘medical card’
  • Work to ease the zoning/variance restrictions on dispensaries
  • Include cannabis industry leaders in economic development discussions
  • Welcome advocates to community policing discussions
  • Create a culture that views addiction as a health issue, not a crime

Together, we can make this a reality for Phoenix. But it will take your support.
I need you to donate today to our campaign and then signup to volunteer.


Nicholas Sarwark at the Phoenix Cannabis Coalition meetingNicholas Sarwark at the Phoenix Cannabis Coalition monthly meeting

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